Laura Klapwijk

Forensic & Financial Crime


Laura Klapwijk

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Over the past 15 years I have supported many corporate clients by advising them on regulatory (non-) compliance challenges, responding to enforcement actions and through the execution of fact-finding and fraud investigations. My objective is to assist compliance officers and general counsels on how their companies can remain good corporate citizens and be socially responsible for meeting legal, ethical, and economic standards and conduct their business ethically, such that their employees, shareholders and society can trust and rely on them. My team and I advise clients on legal & compliance programmes, incident management, ethics, speaking up/whistleblowing and related fraud, bribery, corruption and ESG fraud investigations.

I truly love the energy within Deloitte and am always amazed by the level of expertise, inspiration and dedication of my wonderful colleagues. I value it greatly when clients indicate that we have been able to make an impact by managing their crisis and get to the bottom of a troubling situation. I find it very important to fully support my team’s work and private successes and I am a very strong advocate for cross-firm collaboration as that is where most of our magic happens. The transition into motherhood whilst being in a leadership role has been one of my most valuable experiences. It has taught me new (excruciating) levels of patience, advanced organisational skills, and the importance of equal parenting.

Laura Klapwijk