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Mario Kortman

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Mario Kortman is Director of Major Programs in Deloitte Consulting and is a member of the Public Sector leadership team.

Since joining Deloitte in 2018 Mario has worked on a wide-range of topics at clients in the Dutch Central government. He has deep experience in managing highly complex and politically critical programs with extended stakeholder networks at the national level.

Mario enables decision makers to increase their execution power, accelerate the delivery of major policy transformations and improve the organizational engagement of their administrative agencies, having notably done so in several critical programs for the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Finance.

Mario’s extended knowledge of the intricacies of public policy as well as large-scale execution allows him to bridge the gap between policy departments and administrative agencies, often being asked to act as an intermediary or transformation catalyst. He and his teams have delivered on a wide range of public initiatives, among them the national Corona support policies.

Before Deloitte, Mario worked as a Program Director for the City of Amsterdam. He has a Master in Political Science from the University of Leiden.

Mario Kortman