Marjolein Krommenhoek

Global Employer Services / Immigration Solutions

Senior Manager

Marjolein Krommenhoek

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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As a specialist in designing and implementing corporate immigration policies, processes and (technological) immigration solutions, my focus is on strategic immigration planning ensuring swift and efficient cross-border movements, managing immigration for short term business visitors and mitigating immigration compliance risks.

Keeping up with immigration requirements and being in control of the global workforce is of utmost importance for your business’ success, especially if the business depends on an international workforce. Why? Because the global immigration landscape is more dynamic than ever before: immigration is at the top of the list for public debate and government action. Immigration regulations globally are constantly changing and compliance with immigration legislation is subject to increased scrutiny by authorities.

Immigration compliance is a business wide responsibility. Guidance on immigration compliance and control of the international workforce as well as the contingent labor workforce are embedded in Deloitte’s Immigration Control Framework.

Marjolein Krommenhoek