Mark van Rijn

Risk Advisory

Senior Manager

Mark van Rijn

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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Internal Sustainability Lead for Deloitte in the Netherlands. Tasked with making Deloitte a more sustainable firm by focusing on environmental sustainability in the context of Deloitte’s global WorldClimate programme. Our aim is to become net zero by 2025 for housing and mobility, five years ahead of the science based targets set by Deloitte on a global level. Mark is also the Project Lead for Deloitte Netherlands’ Integrated Annual Report and has profound knowledge of applicable reporting standards and frameworks such as GRI, IIRC and the Dutch Corporate Governance Code. Last but not least, Mark utilizes his reporting knowledge and experience to help our clients to become more transparent and accountable and also acts as a senior advisor to our emerging human rights practice.

Mark van Rijn