Mireille Paalvast

Consulting - Technology

Senior Manager

Mireille Paalvast

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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Mireille, Customer Relations Therapist. Fascinated by the relation between Customer and Business, I see a world of potential to improve. I am driven to create valuable, balanced, durable relations between consumer and business. Data privacy and specifically the translation of GDPR into practical and scalable solution in the CRM and CX domain has become my focus point and my responsibility for North West Europe.

With a background in Product Design, a love for psychology and 10+ years of experience in CRM Business transformations, I combine a unique set of skills to understand what to improve and to get it done.

Inspired by the parallel of romantic, family and friendly relations, I take a creative point of view on the customer relation and ask the questions I would like to see answered. I LOVE getting new ideas for a better experience or have deep philosophic discussions on relationships.

Working at Deloitte I have supported business and colleagues on the field of Customer Strategy, CX and defining Customer Journeys, GDPR for Marketing and CRM, CRM implementations and package selections. I bring IT and Business(es) together.

Mireille Paalvast