Nadieh Wesseling


Business Analyst

Nadieh Wesseling

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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Nadieh Wesseling is part of Deloitte NL Consulting’s Programme Leadership team. She loves to work in the field of sustainable innovation, bridging the gap between sectors, institutions and individuals. She combines a broad academic background with a practical mindset and unbridled enthusiasm to make the world more fair and sustainable. She currently works as a strategic advisor in the public sector at the Action Programme for Hybrid Electric Aviation. Furthermore, she is setting up the Center of Expertise for Ecosystems (CEE) for Deloitte NL and works on reducing Deloitte NL’s carbon footprint by channeling and executing sustainable initiatives. She holds an MSc degree in Political Science – Sustainable Development and CSR (University of Amsterdam) and an Honours & MA degree in Middle Eastern Studies (University of Groningen). She has researched developments in renewable energy in both Canada and Iran.

Nadieh Wesseling