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Nha-Lan Nguyen

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Nha-Lan joined Deloitte in April 2022 following the acquisition of GLO Integration, a Dutch company specialized in IT integration, API Management and Big Data. At GLO Integration, she fulfilled the role of CEO and transformed the 20-year-old boutique IT consulting company into a valued strategic MuleSoft, TIBCO and Splunk partner to many organizations in The Netherlands across different industries. Today she is Director and Business Lead of the Deloitte Digital Integration team. She spends her time with the team helping IT directors and CIOs to leverage IT integration as a catalyst for digital transformation. Over the years she has spoken on many events where she has shared her vision on complex IT integration topics, but also on young entrepreneurship and female leadership. Nha-Lan holds a B.A. degree in International Business Administration and an MSc. degree in Supply Chain Management.

Nha-Lan Nguyen