Niels Nuyens

Consulting - Technology

Senior Manager

Niels Nuyens

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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I’m a senior manager within Advisory & Design, Deloitte Digital, with 12 years of experience in consulting, focussing on digital strategy & transformation, agile transformation, enterprise mobility and CRM. Within Deloitte I lead the mobile guild and am the day-to-day lead for our partnership with Apple.

Before I joined Deloitte Digital I've worked for 2 years at Repudo (a Dutch digital startup) where I was responsible for the day-to-day operations, product and account management.

I am passionate about technology. Technology is changing the world in so many ways. How can technology & digital solutions help your business to deliver better experiences and/or products? What works best for you as a company, for your customers & employees? Shall we have a chat about this over a cup of coffee J?!

Niels Nuyens