Otto Gelderman



Otto Gelderman

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As a partner within our Customer & Marketing team, I drive digital transformations for our clients in the consumer industry. I combine deep technical knowledge with business acumen. I believe that technical innovation can move the human race forward, and it’s my purpose to help bridge the gap between realising technical developments and delivering value to people. One of my proudest accomplishments is that I have created a culture where engineers are thriving within the greater Deloitte firm.

Throughout my career, I've found that the most valuable learning experiences have come from the most challenging and difficult situations. In moments with the highest stakes, I've had the opportunity to stretch myself and my team to the next level. It taught me invaluable lessons in staying focused under pressure, leaning on my team for support, and leading through uncertainty. But perhaps the most important lesson I've learned is the power of human connection. When facing difficult situations together, we often form strong bonds with the people we work with.

Otto Gelderman