Ramin Farzam


Human Capital Sustainability lead

Ramin Farzam

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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As a leader of Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital Sustainability & Climate practice, Ramin develops offerings and go-to-market strategies for key industries while building partnerships and ecosystems to deliver impactful ESG solutions and services.

With his commitment to environmental sustainability, he has led global scale-up of an AI monitoring system to preserve our planet’s forests while expanding the solution to green supply chain and carbon offsetting value chains.

He specializes in helping companies meet their environmental sustainability and net-zero goals as well as their social commitments through pre-sales, sales, and delivery of impactful projects.

With a focus on putting people at the heart of sustainability transformations, he has a passion for defining the social case for ESG and driving transformational change within the organizations as well as societies to make a meaningful impact for our planet.

Ramin Farzam