Robert Jan Huizing

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Robert Jan Huizing

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I focus on Supply Chain transformations in the energy, resources, and industrials (ER&I) industry. Supply Chains are the backbones of modern society, and they need to become more sustainable, agile, and resilient to cope with challenges like climate change, (political) instability, and market dynamics. I hope to make an impact at our clients by contributing to building future-proof supply chains that balance people, planet, and profit. Secondly, to foster our brand, I hope to offer our talent the great opportunities I had within Deloitte.

I had many mentors, that offered me great learning opportunities. My best learning experiences were in the most challenging conditions, bringing a certain level of calmness and stability. I like working shoulder-to-shoulder with my team and my clients to solve complex issues. It is a compliment when my clients recognize the impact that my team and I make; seamlessly blending into the client organisation, working towards one common goal.

Robert Jan Huizing