Rogier de Jong



Rogier de Jong

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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Rogier works at Monitor Deloitte's Innovation team. He is the lead for Venture Path in the Netherlands, Deloitte’s hands-on toolkit for Lean Startup at corporates. Next to that, Rogier works on growth strategy projects.

Before joining Deloitte he worked in innovation management at a large construction company and helped launch and scale an international startup in high tech offshore construction machinery equipment.

Having a background in Mechanical Engineer (TU Delft), Rogier has a drive for product development, innovation and technology. He also holds an extra specialisation in sustainability. Applying these skills to business problems/opportunities leads to creative and pragmatic solutions.

Rogier’s focus is on innovation and growth strategy projects in manufacturing, construction and offshore.

Rogier de Jong