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Rosanne Goodijk

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As a Global Business Tax partner within Deloitte Private, surrounded by an enthusiastic team, I am passionate about working with consumer clients to help them to be ready for the future tax world. I am also hospitality lead within Tax & Legal, and I lead the Tax and Finance Executive Transition Labs as a lab partner. My purpose is to create a positive change in the lives of people around me. I love to start the morning with a call with a client who shares what keeps them awake: the changes in their business, the worries on the work floor or the impact of new regulations. I like to truly connect with my client, to add value to their business.

I have learned that just starting conversations with people you don’t know, and trying new initiatives, are highly appreciated. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but not trying is most often the biggest failure. I always consider how we can change to become a better employer to our people and a better advisor to our clients. I am not scared to step into a difficult position if that is needed to make that important step forward. As a people leader, I strongly believe in the investment in our talent as they are our most important asset. With my enthusiastic and positive mindset, I try to inspire people.

Rosanne Goodijk