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Rozemarijn Bloemendal (1975) joined Deloitte as Partner Corporate Law in Deloitte Legal on 1 March 2021. Prior to that, Rozemarijn was Head of Legal of KLM N.V. and led the KLM legal team. Rozemarijn is a seasoned professional, advisor and manager. She started her career in 1999 at Van Doorne N.V., a top-tier Netherlands law firm. In 2007 Rozemarijn joined KLM and in that capacity was the trusted advisor to the KLM board on broad legal matters and structuring, decision making and governance, always operating from a multi-disciplinary approach.

Rozemarijn co-leads the Deloitte Legal Corporate team and the Legal country lead for sustainability. Her focus in sustainability advice is on the context of governance and liabilities and on the overall regulatory framework. Rozemarijn further advises on Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Holdings and Joint ventures, M&A and Corporate Finance. She is the Corporate Legal lead in the Transformations team, the multidisciplinary team within Deloitte aimed toward multidisciplinary transformational projects for international clients. Rozemarijn serves as a sparring partner to boards and the legal function on topics such as good governance and governance set-up (in an international group setting). Her background at KLM has given her in-debt knowledge of the Airline Industry and related (legal) expertise.

Rozemarijn Bloemendal