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Rogier van Hulten

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  • Rogier van Hulten is a Director Healthcare Operations at Deloitte Consulting's Strategy and Operations practice. 
  • He has over 12 years experience in developing and implementing operational improvement projects, where he specializes in clinical cost reduction projects, process improvement projects and projects in the field of health logistics and capacity management. Rogier as a program manager is able to make the connection between processes, ICT and desired behavior
  • Rogier has executed projects within primary and supporting functions in both academic and generic hospitals 
  • Relevant project experience:
  • Generic hospital: Project lead Capacity management Operating Room 
  • Academic hospital: Project lead Optimization, responsible for (Lean) optimizing all supporting processes within the transition from the support functions   
  1. Generic hospital: Project lead Optimization Outpatient clinics
  2. Generic hospital: Program manager Outsourcing MMB laboratory
  3. Generic hospital: Project lead Optimization flow Operating Room 
  4. Generic hospital: Program manager of an organization-wide implementation of Lean Six Sigma
  5. Generic hospital: Project lead process standardization of several clinical paths
  • Rogier has a Master of Science in Health Policy, Economics and Management from the University of Maastricht is an experienced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Rogier van Hulten