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Wouter Koot

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As a consulting partner, I love to help our banking clients with their biggest transformation challenges. These challenges are driven by their clients’ increasing expectations, the possibilities associated with new technologies (e.g., cloud and artificial intelligence), and ever-changing rules and regulations. A good example where this all comes together is in the KYC domain, which I am passionate about. This is where I help a lot of our clients, and together we hope to make a difference on the broader societal challenges around this topic. I truly believe in being a partner to our clients for the long term, through good and bad times, and always based on good personal relationships.

I am a proud ‘home-grown Deloitter’, and I try to have fun at everything I do. I love working together with the great clients that partner with us, and of course also all my talented colleagues who, together, make the Deloitte family. I believe in learning by doing—taking the opportunities that are given to you and making the most of them, and valuing the learnings if you fail.

Wouter Koot