Wouter Timmer

Consulting Strategy, Analytics and M&A


Wouter Timmer

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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1081 LA Amsterdam


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I am a Partner with Deloitte Netherlands and am co-leading the M&A Consulting Services team in the Netherlands, which includes M&A Strategy, Mergers & Integrations, Divestments and Joint Ventures.

I have extensive expertise in delivering successful (pre- and post-deal) merger integration and divestiture services across most industries with a focus on Consumer, Financial Services and Technology.
I am a leader in innovation by changing the way we traditionally approach M&A by adopting new technologies, the use of analytics and data—delivering deeper insights to support deal decision making and value delivery.

I have consulted on M&A deals across the EMEA and Asia Pacific region and recently worked with Deloitte Asia Pacific.

Wouter Timmer