SAF-T Audit services 

It has now been mandatory to be able to share a SAF-T file with the tax authorities on request for over a year. Has your company received a request from the authorities to share a SAF-T file with them but you are not sure what to do next? Regardless of what question you have, we can help you.

Have you received a request from the Tax Authority but do not have a system supporting SAF-T?

Deloitte offers a SAF-T ambulance service, which is a service to convert your data into a SAF-T file. The SAF-T ambulance can convert any structured data into the required XML format and in addition to producing a SAF-T file, we will assign a customized Deloitte team to answer any potential questions you may have.  

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Have you received a request from the Tax Authority and have a system supporting SAF-T, but:
You are not sure how to send in the SAF-T file?

Deloitte can provide you with submission support and go through the whole submission process with you. Depending on your need for support, we will customize a Deloitte team for you.

You would like to review/test the data before sending in the SAF-T?

Deloitte has developed a testing program to ensure that a SAF-T file is in line with the SAF-T requirements and the Tax Authority’s expectations. The testing program can be divided into two steps; the first step is to test and analyze the quality of the SAF-T file and the second test will reconcile your SAF-T file with external sources, such as statutory reporting as well as the GL/ TB of the accounting system. Please note that both tests can be performed separately, and you will receive a report with our findings and proposed actions. We can also schedule a meeting to discuss the findings together.

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When you tried to upload the file to the Altinn Portal, it did not pass the technical requirements?

Deloitte can provide you with technical support to identify why the file did not pass the technical requirements and suggest how they can be solved. If it would be necessary to address the issues with your system vendor and/or system integrator, we have experience from such discussions with multiple system providers and integrators.

You have received feedback from the Tax Authorities that the SAF-T file did not meet the requirements?

A SAF-T file can be technically valid but still not meet the requirements of the SAF-T standard, as the standard not only refers to a technical XSD schema but also to documentation requirements and to the Bookkeeping Act and Regulation. Deloitte can review the file for you together with the feedback from the Tax Authorities to see why the SAF-T file did not meet the requirements and suggest how to solve it.  

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Do you have any other questions relating to sharing the SAF-T with the Authorities?

Please give us a call or send us an email and we will ensure that you get in contact with the right person.

Deloitte has worked intensively with the SAF-T standard in Norway during the past years and has gained a lot of experience on the subject. Our dedicated SAF-T team has assisted clients with everything from implementing/building a SAF-T solution to discussing and educating clients on the SAF-T standard on a more detailed level, such as understanding what type of data should be included in a specific element or mapping a client’s chart of accounts and tax codes to adapt to a Norwegian standard.

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