Valg av SAF-T-løsning


Selecting a Solution for SAF-T Reporting

Companies face multiple possible SAF-T reporting solutions. However, choosing the right one requires in-depth knowledge of the SAF-T standard, the company’s system architecture and financial processes. The choice should not be made without a thorough assessment.

The selected solution will form the basis for implementing changes in the company's IT architecture; Changes the entire organization will have to deal with for several years to come.

We have the expertise to assist in assessing how suitable the various SAF-T solutions is for your company. We can also assist in developing a conceptual design for implementing the chosen solution and demonstrate Deloitte's own reporting application, taxCube ™ SAF-T; An example of a third party reporting solution.

Deloittes taxCube™ SAF-T

One of several possible SAF-T reporting solutions is using a third party reporting application. Deloitte has developed taxCube ™ SAF-T to assist companies whose current system architecture and existing financial processes necessitates utilizing third party reporting software for SAF-T reporting.

Using our TaxCube application, you can import accounting data in different file formats from your ERP system, convert them to the required XML format, and generate a complete SAF-T report for transmission to the Tax Authorities.

The application is particularly relevant for businesses with multiple or complex ERP systems, where collecting and reporting relevant information can be challenging.

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