SAF-T: Design, utvikling og testing


Design, Development, Testing and Implementation Support

The implementation of the chosen solution will be the most comprehensive part of the SAF-T project.

In order to prepare for an effective implementation process, there are two actions we want to point out as particularly important:

1. Data validation
Through a data validation, the availability of required information is assessed in the company's systems. It will be necessary to make a detailed review of all the elements of the Norwegian SAF-T standard in order to ensure that all required data points are available for export.

2. Design document
A design document should contain an overview of how the chosen SAF-T solution will affect the current IT and process organization.

When implementing these pre-projects, it will be appropriate to include employees with good knowledge of the GL (General ledger), AR (Accounts Receivable) and AP (Accounts Payable) as well as the company’s system structure (ERP).

The result of the above preparations will be a technical requirement specification delivered to the company's IT organization / project group. The requirement specification will contain a detailed description of which changes will be made and thus act as a guidance document during the implementation process.

Deloitte has experience in providing assistance with the preparation of requirements specifications, implementation support and project management. Our market leading SAF-T experts and ERP specialists assist you in the implementation to ensure better governance and control in reporting - consequently reducing the risk of incorrect reporting to the tax authorities.

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