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CitySynergyTM is a SaaS solution that supports city operations by combining the capacity to define work processes with the abilities of integrating, correlating and visualizing data. It integrates all vertical domains, IoT’s and city applications, and measures, correlates, predicts and manages events in real time, enabling data-driven insights for long-term planning. CitySynergy empowers city & places’ management by promoting decisions based on predictive analytics and a powerful digital twin.

CitySynergyTM is an asset of our Smart City Solutions Center in Lisbon.

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CitySynergy components


CitySynergyTM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform contains the city operator user interface, allowing the visualization of the reported incidents, perform root-cause analysis and escalate issues for resolution.

Command Center:

It is meant to be applied in a command center - a facility used to provide centralized command, displaying dashboards with real-time data about the city’s status.

Executive Dashboard:

CitySynergyTM offers an Executive Dashboard allowing decision makers to have access to real-time date about the city through their own devices. This supports data-driven decision-making.

Citizen & Field Management App (a plus):

It includes an app used by the citizen to report issues and events that need to be solved and that will originate incidents in the CitySynergyTM platform.

CitySynergy benefits:

Efficiency gains and cost savings:

  • Provides predictive city operational management that leads to medium and long term cost savings
  • Creates an innovative way to manage resources and services, increasing efficiencies and the quality of the services delivered

Citizen and user engagement, satisfaction and quality of life:

  • Provides a modern and connected city, delivering the right level of services and increasing the quality of life of its residents and visitors
  • Increases the easiness of using city services and the reporting of issues contributing to the development of the city and the community

Monitoring and decision-making processes:

  • Guarantees data security and compliance
  • Monitors quality of service and policies compliance from 3rd party providers
  • Fosters stakeholders data-driven strategy and decision making

Ecosystem collaboration fostering innovation and synergies:

  • Enables the development and sharing of knowledge on smart cities by turning the stakeholders part of an evolving ecosystem
  • Creates the opportunity for businesses to be involved in the co-collaboration and co-creation of innovative and disruptive products for a global market

CitySynergy Datasheets

For more information about CitySynergy and its subproducts, please see the solution datasheets available in this link

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