Portuguese Real Estate Investment Survey - 2nd edition

Core assets take over investment strategy

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In the 2nd Edition of the Portuguese Real Estate Investment Survey, Deloitte interviewed the leading players of the Portuguese real estate sector to assess their perception of the market developments, investment and divestment strategies in the current and future circumstances and obstacles to growth.

The main conclusions of the report are:

  • Overall, respondents aim to focus in a portfolio management strategy in opposition to the investment and divestment strategies
  • Core investments (41%) are perceived as the preferred investment strategy by respondents, with a more optimistic fundraising perception when it comes to finance acquisitions
  • Banks (41%) stand out as the main business feeder of real estate acquisitions, as capital will mainly arise from Europe (73%)
  • Regarding divestment strategy, respondents are more keen in selling “Core” assets (41%). Investor attraction perception remains stable regarding assets acquisition
  • Funds of funds (36%) and pension funds (27%) are identified as the main real estate buyers in Portugal. Capital mainly arises from Europe (77%)
  • Regarding to the Portuguese real estate market, there is a perception of an increase in the volume, sales price and profitability rates for residential, retail/ services and hotels sectors.

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