Open Mobile Networks (Open RAN)

The Open Future of Radio Access Networks

Open and virtualised RAN refers to a disaggregated approach of deploying virtualised mobile networks by using open and interoperable protocols and interfaces, implemented over a common commercial-off-the-shelf hardware (COTS) in a multi-vendor software environment, allowing an increased flexibility over traditional RAN architectures, aiming to provide OPEX and CAPEX savings while fostering innovation.

Nowadays, Mobile Networks are evolving towards a more intelligent, virtualized, open and totally interoperable architecture.

Get to know more about this evolution in the series of articles about the Open Future of Radio Access Networks.

Article 1 | The Open Future of RAN

January 7 2021

What are the main differences between traditional Radio Access Network (RAN) architecture and Open RAN? What benefits and challenges does Open RAN bring?

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Article 2 | The Open RAN Landscape

What is the level of Open RAN technical maturity and current adoption trends?

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