TMT Predictions 2020

Discovering the future

In 2020 and beyond, technologies will continue to offer transformation and growth opportunities to enterprises worldwide, fundamentally changing the way we live and work.

TMT Predictions 2020 focuses on three overarching themes. First, individual technologies are no longer siloed, but are becoming ever more connected and interdependent—and their impact and value are increasing as a result. Second, significant income is being generated from five technology sources: smartphones, computers, TVs, enterprise data centers and software, and IoT. And third, many services and products that have been “just around the corner” for years are finally turning that corner in 2020.

This trio of trends may make predicting more predictable! An interconnected ecosystem with a limited number of significant players should allow us to foresee trends with greater accuracy and more confidence. Indeed, it may be time to retire the old joke: “It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” 

In the near future, maybe it won’t be as tough.

This year’s 10 Predictions explore, from a global perspective, a number of issues relevant to businesses and consumers, including topics such as:


Bringing AI to the device: Edge AI chips come into their own

Robots on the move: Professional service robots set for double-digit growth

Private 5G networks: Enterprise untethered

High speed from low orbit: A broadband revolution or a bunch of space junk?

The smartphone multiplier: Toward a trillion-dollar economy

My antennae are tingling: Terrestrial TV’s surprising staying power

Coming to a CDN near you: Videos, games, and much, much more

Ad-supported video: Will the United States follow Asia’s lead?

The ears have it: The rise of audiobooks and podcasting

Cycling’s technological transformation: Making bicycling faster, easier, and safer

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