Mergers & Acquisitions

In acquisitions, disposals or stock listings, we embrace the challenges brought by our clients and design with them the road to success. We go along with our clients throughout all stages – from the definition of the diverse strategic options until the transaction closes.

Sell-side advisory

We have extensive experience in the disposal of companies and businesses, sustained by a global network that propels the identification of the right buyer. We establish relationships based on trust and strengthened over decades of market leadership.

Our international network, our experience leading transactions and our industry knowledge are decisive to increase the likelihood of success of our clients. We go along with the shareholders and/or the board of directors throughout the entire process.


Buy-side advisory

Our knowledge and experience in structuring transactions and our relationships with lenders, industry specialists and other stakeholders have been decisive to advise our clients, who recognize our industry expertise and ability to work under demanding schedules.

We help our clients in answering the most relevant strategic questions. Is it better to buy a company to increase market share, or to diversify across segments? Is it better to find companies that allow for vertical integration, or to opt for others that create synergies with your company? Our team joins you in the decision process, leading the planning, execution and transaction completion.


Debt & Capital Advisory

We advise our clients in the debt markets leveraging on our global network of specialists in Debt & Capital Advisory. Our independence from financial institutions reinforces our credibility and ensures alignment with the priorities of our clients.

We support structured financing operations, project finance, refinancing and debt restructuring or renegotiations.


Infrastructure Advisory

The investment in infrastructures attracts investors that seek stable returns in the long term. Those investments are usually complex, due to industry regulation and their importance to consumers (e.g. transportation, water, energy).

The challenge for investors is to take advantage from the best opportunities, by structuring their offers in the most efficient way. With its deep knowledge about infrastructures and public-private partnerships, Deloitte supports investors worldwide.

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