Transaction Services

The Transaction Services team works in acquisitions, disposals, strategic alliances and access to the capital markets, in a rigorous and independent way.

Our team if formed of professionals exclusively dedicated to M&A transactions, with experience accumulated from hundreds of transactions and industry expertise, which is of paramount importance to identify risks and value creation opportunities. We have multidisciplinary teams, specialized in strategic, commercial, financial and tax matters, allowing for the delivery of an integrated service.

Due Diligence

In an increasingly complex environment, the rigor and depth of an analysis is critical to support the decision-making process. Our multidisciplinary offer of Due Diligence, comprising the financial and tax work streams, allows our clients to be aware of the impact on the transaction of the questions that arise throughout the process, benefiting from an integrated team and specialized advice, which are decisive to make a transaction successful.


Vendor Due Diligence / Vendor Assistance

Investors increasingly want more information before proceeding to an acquisition, which makes disposals more demanding for whoever wants to sell his or her business.

Our independent view inspires confidence and promotes communication between parties, which is particularly important in competitive bids with several buyers. The preparation of a Vendor Due Diligence report guarantees that a consistent message is communicated. By working in close collaboration with our clients, we propose to help in the identification and timely resolution of problems, and to deliver a report that allows them to keep the process under control, with minimum impact on daily operations.

For clients that wish to keep their teams focused on the business, our Vendor Assistance services help companies prepare and disclose information, including setting up and managing the data room.


Commercial Due Diligence

We have a team dedicated at the industry level, with deep knowledge about the features of each market, that helps you understand market trends, review the company’s strategy and the business plan reasonableness, for private equities and strategic investors alike.

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