Global Business Services (GBS) - Shared Services Centers of Tomorrow


Webinar: Global Business Services (GBS) - Shared Services Centers of Tomorrow

Current challenges impacting a more effective future for GBS

22 April 2021 at 11:00 - 12:30

We are living in unprecedented times. This has resulted in new and unique challenges with regard to running a business. The COVID-19 Pandemic has left its mark on all branches of business and has significantly impacted the GBS environment and how the processes are delivered. Is it possible that we will return to business models that worked well before? More than likely not - which will create a great challenge and number of unprecedented opportunities, specifically, for organizations that have Shared Service Centers in their business structure.

The need for remote work for employees, process optimization and the growing importance of customer experience imposes new and higher standards that organizations must meet in order to be able to provide services at an appropriate level of quality, while remaining cost-effective.

During our next webinar, dedicated primarily to C-level management operating in the shared services sector, we will cover topics related to the future of planning process separation and low-cost locations, how to conduct predictive staff turnover analytics, and the essence of customer experience within the context of Global Business Services.

Our webinar will cover the following three topics:

  1. From brick-and-mortar in a low-cost location to virtually moving up the corporate value chain
  2. Predictive Staff Turnover Analytics - data-driven solutions
  3. Customer experience within the context of shared services

We will also aim to answer a number of questions that have arisen from our international business experience:

  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on the costs of renting office space?
  • How will loyalty impact a younger generation of employees with respect to their choices for employment?
  • After the COVID-19 Pandemic, will we return to the traditional business model in offices, will we work only remotely or will we shift to hybrid models?
  • Why is it worth looking at employee departures and minimizing the costs associated with employing new people?
  • How can we predict which employees are at the highest risk to leave the company?
  • Why should the HR management approach be data driven and include future focused insights to attrition risks for companies?
  • What are the most important elements of building customer experience?
  • How do we define and understand our customers' profiles, customer journeys and elevate the customer experience?
  • What KPIs should be adopted for customer experience in relation to cost efficiency, customer support or quality of services?

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22 April 2021

11:00 - 12:30


Andra Popa



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