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Deloitte + Oracle power cloud-connected business

From remote working to digital finance to dynamic supply chain management, companies are turning to the cloud to navigate disruption and connect to all humans in their ecosystem.

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Oracle has the ability to connect your entire business ecosystem through a unified suite of cloud applications and platform services. And Deloitte can help your organization to transform and innovate continuously with Oracle Cloud products. Deloitte has been working with Oracle for over 25 years and is a consistent winner of multiple awards. With global capabilities, we are dedicated to helping organizations build on the digital core driven by human need and to stay ahead of the curve to realize the digital possibilities of Oracle Cloud anywhere in the world.

Imagine, modernize, and innovate to drive digital transformation now with Deloitte and Oracle. Connect with us and together, we can help you develop and execute a cloud-connected business strategy with purpose and scalable opportunities. From business models to process design to technology implementation, human experience fuels digital transformation and our team understands what it takes to modernize your operations, integrate your data, and unite your workforce. Our goal is not just to help you connect your entire business, but to do so with impact through a range of nimble solutions that advance your realization of a cloud-connected business.

  1. Deloitte SuperLedger™ Powered by Oracle Cloud–aggregates and extracts data from multiple ERP systems to deliver one super sub ledger with drill back visibility.
  2. Deloitte Ascend™ for Oracle Platform–accelerates your innovative digital transformation with a differentiating framework including a host of industry-focused digital enablers.
  3. ELEVATE Digital Transformation–delivers customized end-to-end services for organization seeking to enrich the human experience and drive innovation through true cloud-enabled digital transformation.
  4. Deloitte Analytics Objects (DAO) powered by Oracle Analytics Cloud–Enables organizations to enter the Age of With through next-generation, pre-packaged, dynamic analytics application.
  5. Deloitte and Oracle NetSuite–provides a range of transformative cloud-connected customized digital business solutions that activate a foundation of continuous innovation for growth.
  6. Deloitte Digital Foundry offering for Oracle–builds continuous digital innovation within an organization through a methodology, framework and set of services.
  7. Human Capital Transformation–Human-centered transformational business strategies and technology blueprints around future state cloud-system architecture can help you uncover opportunities to quickly realize the benefits from Oracle Cloud HCM and maximize employees’ purpose, potential, and perspective.
  8. Supply Chain Management–A business-led, digitally enabled transformation that seamlessly integrates between business applications and operations technologies can create efficiencies across an organization and improve product quality.

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Imagine, modernize and innovate with Deloitte SuperLedger.  Should we consolidate everything, something, or nothing? This question arises in relation to nearly every M&A transaction, divestiture, or significant business event when finance leaders must once again figure out how to aggregate and extract data from multiple ERP systems.

Jump start your digital finance transformation and achieve subledger transaction visibility without full ERP consolidation. Deloitte SuperLedger™ can help organizations extract sub-ledger detail from multiple ERPs, standardize data, and move it into a single “super ledger,” which can be readily accessed and analyzed through a common, cloud-based digital tool.

By enhancing visibility and reducing manual workloads, Deloitte SuperLedger™ can provide finance organizations with the opportunity to:

  • Establish an efficient single source of truth for all financial reporting and analysis while reducing risk of data errors;
  • Understand financial performance across business units and geographies, with drill-down and drill-back capabilities into segment-level reporting;
  • Standardize account definitions across business units;
  • Implement shared services as a foundational way to reduce costs;
  • Improve the human experience by eliminating employee frustration and freeing analysts and accountants to focus on more-meaningful, value-added activities;
  • Jumpstart the digital transformation journey by modernizing platforms, including data and analytics.

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Smart companies move beyond the cloud to embrace a cloud-connect business and digital mindset to enable continuous innovation throughout their operations – from the front office to the back office. Deloitte Ascend™ for Oracle can help you accelerate innovation and significantly improve business performance by realizing your ambitions for a digital, innovative and evolving analytical core. This solution provides leading practices across nearly 35 industries, as well as benchmarking and frameworks to help you instill a digital mindset and deliver continuous innovation throughout your operations—from the front office to the back office.

At the core of Deloitte Ascend™ is a digital transformation framework and an enabling toolset with an underlying analytics engine coupled with a library of project assets and digital enablers. It’s designed to help you assess your current digital capabilities, map your digital journey, and build a platform to increase competitive advantage by leveraging the full breadth of the Oracle Cloud platform.

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Set innovation and agility in motion with ELEVATE, a customized cloud migration and delivery approach offered by Deloitte Consulting LLP and Oracle Consulting. The ELEVATE offering seeks to move and improve, providing end-to-end services for any organization seeking to enrich the human experience and drive innovation through true cloud-enabled digital transformation.

Modern, industry-leading cloud-connected business infrastructure is now within reach for companies of all sizes. Deloitte’s robust end-to-end cloud offerings complement Oracle’s migration services—from strategy, to build, through to operate. These services, coupled with Deloitte’s in-depth Oracle technology, business insights, cyber security, and industry knowledge can help customers to realize the digital possibilities of Oracle Cloud.

This tailored approach supports your organization in potentially reducing risk through a single and effective delivery model, accountability structure, executive sponsorship, and industry and technology capabilities. ELEVATE is designed to leverage modern, industry-leading cloud infrastructure in order to create opportunities for innovation, acceleration, and growth.

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Drive digital transformation now with a next-generation, pre-packaged analytics application that enables organizations to enter the Age of With. AI helps companies unleash the power of their data, so humans can make holistic, fact-based decisions for a stronger, more-connected organization.

Now is the time for business leaders to open their eyes to the possibility of human and machine collaboration. With AI, machine learning and advanced visualization capabilities, DAO helps companies unleash the power of their data, so humans can make holistic, fact-based decisions for a stronger, more cloud-connect business. Drawing upon consolidated data from multiple sources, DAO drives quicker decision-making by using AI and data visualization techniques for generating real-time answers to business questions, and it enables leaders to stay ahead of issues by moving from descriptive to predictive analytics.

Wherever your organization is on the digital maturity curve, DAO can accelerate your digital transformation journey to next-generation analytics and help you take targeted, proactive actions across finance, supply chain and workforce.

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Are you ready to advance your transformation journey to realize innovative ventures, realize the power of digital platforms, and provide more meaningful experiences for all humans in your ecosystems? At Deloitte, we continuously innovate to imagine, deliver, and run fully scalable business functions and processes. At Deloitte the digital transformation journey begins and ends with the customer by first understanding the Human Experience and then shaping your business future to connect and deliver through Elevating the Human Experience.

Our Deloitte team connects our talents in strategy, design, innovation, and brand (Imagine) with, program management, solution deployment, integration/data and change management, (Deliver) to operate and support, growth scaling, and optimization (Run) to connect your business with its future in a way no traditional consultancy or agency can. Deloitte can help mid-sized to large-scale enterprises further connect to the human experience and transform into a cloud-connected business with customized digital solutions that activate a foundation of continuous innovation for growth.

Deloitte + Oracle NetSuite can: 

  • Integrate front and back office applications to transform mid-sized to enterprise level business;
  • Design digital and financial transformation strategies for legacy financial applications;
  • Innovate solutions that support two-tier ERP strategy and implementation;
  • Manage mergers, acquisitions and divestitures with cloud solutions;
  • Mitigate localization and tax reporting complexities and revenue recognition issues

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The Digital Foundry enables companies to make digital innovation continuous with a methodology, framework and set of services. This disciplined approach helps companies to make digital innovation continuous using 15 levers across four key disciplines that enable organizations to deliver value and build their internal innovation competency. These levers span nearly every aspect of “making innovation real and continuous” beyond just applying technologies to business use cases.

This digital transformation approach will help you set the digital innovation agenda, manage the portfolio (including governance and controls), design and scale ideas, and fuel innovation within the workforce in a self-perpetuating cycle such that your organization will:

  • Institutionalize the concept of innovation by putting an explicit agenda in place and getting executive buy-in for promoting a culture of innovation (e.g., risk taking and fail fast);
  • Build an innovation portfolio with a pipeline of ideas, prioritizing them in alignment with your business vision;
  • Act upon those ideas and make them real, unlocking the potential of Oracle Cloud technologies; and
  • Fuel innovation by promoting and creating the workforce of the future.
  • Read this Wired magazine article to learn how FedEx baked continuous innovation into the enterprise.

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HCM migration to Oracle Cloud is a breakthrough opportunity to modernize your organization’s processes and requires thoughtful collaboration and planning. Organizations are quickly realizing the benefits of fostering individuality, but harnessing people’s complementary strengths requires uniting them in service to a common goal. It enables HR to deliver programs that both champion individuality and foster belonging to the organization.

Increasingly, HR should consider using human-centered design to architect solutions for longevity and adaptability and for maximizing employees’ purpose, potential, and perspective. By analyzing the current state of your ecosystem, Deloitte can help you prioritize innovation needs, realize efficiencies with system replacement(s), and incorporate strategy-supporting projects to ensure that Oracle will enable an impactful operating model and modernized processes.

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With Oracle Cloud Applications for finance, supply chain and manufacturing, businesses can take advantage of an integrated suite of applications to break down silos, embrace continuous innovations, and improve user engagement, collaboration and performance.

Deloitte can help you drive greater efficiencies through your Digital Core to enable the flow of data and information across the end-to-end supply chain. A holistic, dynamic resource that is more than just information, the Digital Core integrates, analyses and uses data serving as the foundation that powers your Digital Supply Network and fuels more efficient outcomes and strategic insights.

The seamless integrations between business applications and operations technologies can improve product quality, drive efficiency, and facilitate machine learning for an optimized preventive maintenance management schedule.

Watch this video to learn more about how Titan International is using Oracle Cloud Applications.

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