2014 Q3 Global CFO Signals


2014 Q4 Global CFO Signals

Entering 2015 cautiously upbeat

Going into 2015, CFOs globally appear upbeat, if restrained. In the Q4 edition of Global CFO Signals, CFOs’ optimism about their own companies’ prospects remains positive in all but one of the 11 surveys featured.

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How does CFO sentiment in Q4 2014 break down? What follows is a synopsis by region:

  • Australia: Risk aversion sets in
  • Austria: Cautious optimism emerges
  • Belgium: Outlook 2015: Reasonable year, prudent growth
  • Central Europe: The best is yet to come
  • India: Optimism on the rise
  • Ireland: CFOs take a measured approach
  • Netherlands: Geopolitical risks and regulations dampen outlook
  • North America: Despite global concerns, strong optimism
  • Spain: Global economic concerns threaten recovery
  • Switzerland: A chill wind blows
  • United Kingdom: 2015: Growth in an uncertain world
Learn what is causing CFOs concern across the globe.
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