Expanding a responsible construction business in Sweden

Looking to launch your construction business in Sweden? Deloitte will help you excel by building responsibly.

Expanding businesses across jurisdictions raise questions about immigration, tax, social security, and employment law. Challenges foreign entrepreneurs within construction can encounter in Sweden are how to get work permits, making sure all administrative procedures regarding access to work sites are in place, having fulfilled all work employment regulations in Sweden and how to properly report to authorities on salaries, taxes, social security and working conditions for their employees.

International organizations and entrepreneurs need partners who can assist with day-to-day activities, as well as corporate life events in all jurisdictions. Deloitte can guide you through the complexity of Swedish immigration-, tax- and business law and help you run a responsible business, making you an employer and entrepreneur in demand.

Deloitte offers legal advice on various immigration issues, helping you find the right permit for every worker. Depending on the length and type of work that will be conducted in Sweden, different types of permits might be applicable and in some cases one can even be exempted from the work permit requirement altogether. Deloitte will be able to guide you to make sure that your company and your employees are compliant with Swedish immigration law and, as a certified company with the Migration Agency, we can also submit applications for work- and residence permits through their fast-track system.

Tax and payroll 
It is essential that the monthly payroll- and tax reporting is correct and on time to be compliant in Sweden. Deloitte will help you to understand, regarding payroll reporting, what to report, how to report and when to report to the Swedish Tax Agency. We have profound experience of handling large populations of staff swiftly, and cost-effectively, while ensuring the company and its employees being compliant according to Swedish tax law. You will be presented with everything you need to set the routines required to gain control of your economic workflow and to show the required parties that you and your employees are compliant in Sweden. Deloitte has the knowledge, technology and capacity to can handle any size of engagement, from one payroll calculation to several thousands of payroll calculations per month. 

Deloitte Legal will guide you through the forming of a Swedish company, drafting of employment contracts, reporting stationed workers, and coordinating the relationship with Swedish trade unions. We will assure your compliance with legal obligations as well as help you navigate the work environment regulations that apply in Sweden. We will help you apply Swedish employment law to your employees and make sure that you fulfil the necessary criteria regarding employment law to work on the most prestigious projects, making it as beneficial as possible for you to work in Sweden. 

Get in contact with us and we will help you expand your business in Sweden in a responsible way.


Joel Salamon
Senior Manager, Payroll and compliance
+46 70 080 25 98

Marcus Kungberg
Manager, Immigration
+46 70 080 35 48

Jonas Lindskog
Director, Legal
+46 70 080 30 91

Alexander Strandberg
+46 76 827 73 41

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