Customer Service Excellence 2023

How can we achieve Service Excellence through an efficient use of Customer Service?

With an increasingly demanding business landscape, it is more important than ever to succeed with Customer and Employee Experience while operating with as high efficiency as possible (Operational Excellence).

The 2nd edition of Customer Service Excellence is based on insights from 297 service leaders, covering nine industries across Europe. This report highlights key trends that can guide businesses in how to utilize their Customer Service organization to become a true value driver.

Key insights

  1. Time to start using the full value of AI and Automation
    Despite low adoption across industries, utilizing AI and automation to streamline service operations and improve cost-efficiency are on the top of the investment agendas going forward. To grasp the full business value, there needs to be alignment with strategy and customer needs.

  2. Self-service continues to rise – but still not in line with customer needs
    Self-service is offered by 85% of companies and investments in various self-service solutions are expected to continue during the upcoming year. Still, there is work to be done – data shows there is an overall poor match between available self-service functionalities and customer needs. It is time to think and redo!

  3. Leverage personalization to drive value
    The study showed a disconnect between how services are delivered and service leaders’ understanding of what customers actually value in their interactions with Customer Service. Yet, personalized service has the highest impact on Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and Operational Excellence, implying there is untapped potential to use personalized service to become truly customer centric.

  4. Elevate the basic channels while preparing for going digital
    Despite the apparent customer needs of being offered suitable digital channels, traditional channels are still the most frequently used contact channels. This indicates that service businesses are still in a transition phase between traditional to a pure digital channel strategy.
Customer Service Excellence 2023

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