Emerging ERP Solutions

Deloitte’s Emerging Enterprise Resource Planning solutions drive functional excellence in human resources, finance, and other key operational units, positioning the wider organization for sustainable growth and success.

Departments such as Human Resources, Operations, and Finance are the engine rooms that power an organization’s performance and sustainable growth. But how do they ensure functional excellence within their own units? Deloitte’s Emerging Enterprise Resource Planning offerings are a powerful and versatile enabler of success.

Our professionals will advise on the transformational outcomes achievable through a range of ERP software-as-a-service options, and help you implement the one to suit your business needs. 

Workday Financials is a leading cloud-based solution for organizations looking to gain a clear, 360° picture of the workplace ecosystem. We have industry-leading experience in Workday implementation and will help you leverage its power to drive change and bring your people and business performance into full alignment.

Oracle NetSuite is the market leading cloud-based ERP solution. NetSuite is a dynamic ERP system capable of meeting a wide variety of client requirements through its modularity, and low code customizations to build the optimal solution to suit your needs and operations. Deloitte’s NetSuite practice has a global footprint, allowing us to meet complex localization requirements worldwide. We practice an inclusive delivery method using a hybrid agile approach in three main phases: Discovery, Implementation and Hypercare. In the discovery phase we, together with our clients, plan and analyze requirements and fit to NetSuite standard functionality in order to determine the scope of the implementation. In the implementation phase we design, build, and test the solution in iterative sprint cycles continuously involving our clients to get insights and control system setup. Post GoLive we support through hypercare, stabilizing the solution, ensuring operations run smooth and that full leverage of the new system is utilized. For further information about NetSuite and our practices please see Deloitte and NetSuite.

We also have deep knowledge in the design, build, and deployment of Infor cloud-based solutions—an extensive range of industry-specific applications that transform business functions with tools such as cognitive analysis and robotic process automation. Whether you’re in health care, manufacturing, services, the public sector—or any organization excited by the prospect of cutting-edge digital transformation—Deloitte teams will guide you through the complete Infor implementation lifecycle.

Allow us to introduce you to the game-changing power of these and other emerging ERP solutions.

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