Deloitte and Oracle NetSuite

Is your business thriving? Do you have the digital platform that supports your growing business? At Deloitte, we want you to unleash your businesses’ full potential and let Oracle NetSuite be one of the success factors that enable your journey ahead. We know Oracle NetSuite is a catalyst, digital is the mindset, and transformation is what’s next.

Why NetSuite

NetSuite pioneered in Cloud Computing in 1998, establishing the world’s first company dedicated to delivering business applications over the Internet. Today, NetSuite is the #1 cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with more than 33,000 businesses in over 200 countries and territories running the ground-breaking solution.

As an integrated business system, NetSuite can use its single source of data to connect businesses’ functional units together and deliver a single point of business knowledge. NetSuite supports businesses’ needs in Financials and Accounting, Analytics, Revenue recognition, Billing, CRM, Project Management, Resource Management, Time and Expenses, and Product Sales. 

NetSuite is a Software as a Service (SaaS) model where the application is hosted over the internet helping you reach your critical information anytime you need it – regardless of your location. It uses a relational database management structure (RDMS) to enable a richer and more efficient use of data storage resources.

NetSuite’s key benefits

  • A Broad Robust ERP – Streamline business processes and free up the time and resources needed to accelerate growth, drive innovation and remain competitive.
  • Built-In Business Intelligence – Combine data with visual analytics to generate meaningful and actionable business insights.
  • Designed to Support Growth – Easily add and customize functionality as your company grows by leveraging a highly scalable business management system.
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Why Deloitte

With Deloitte as your implementation partner, we will help your organization enable the power of NetSuite and drive your business value within personalized NetSuite solutions, built and tested in an iterative and immersive way. Our starting point is understanding the current and desired future of your finance processes and guiding you to help you understand NetSuite functionalities and best practices with the purpose of enabling you to make the best decisions regarding your future finance process architecture. 

Beyond this, we also offer best-practice financial guidance to avoid pitfalls during design- and implementation phase. Combined with our Interim advisory service offering, we will be able to advice and support when challenges arise. 

The Deloitte team focuses on empowering clients to be innovative and thrive in the cloud long after initial go-live. 

An outtake of our experience includes:

  • Organizations within strategic digital transformation programs
  • Multi-country and multi-currency companies
  • Organizations in the forefront of technology
  • Born-digital organization

Deloitte’s global network of NetSuite dedicated consultants can offer the support needed for multinational organizations with complex localization requirements.

In addition to our NetSuite team, Deloitte´s network gives you access to a broader range of knowledge and services across consulting, financial advisory services, tax, and risk management – all to enable the impact you seek to achieve.

Deloitte is a global leader in digital services. We thrive to help companies and organizations achieve maximum impact and value from IT investments in finance, supply chain, and IT operations. We know it requires a holistic view of key business functions from strategy through process design and technology enablement.

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Our Practice

Our NetSuite certified and experienced consultants assist organizations throughout their NetSuite implementation by sharing business knowledge of standardized processes and by building an integrated platform to meet business requirements.

Our Swedish practice is part of Deloitte’s NetSuite Global Network allowing a deep understanding of international financial and tax requirements with delivery capabilities and common practices across EMEA and continents.

The Oracle NetSuite 2020 global alliance of the year award recognizes Deloitte’s ability to help enterprise clients modernize business functions and drive digital transformation enabled by Oracle NetSuite cloud applications.

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