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Corporate and individual tax, VAT, customs & import, transfer pricing

Business tax

Deloitte Business Tax works with both small and large global clients within a wide range of industries, both outbound and inbound. We can assist with advice in relation to Swedish and international corporate taxation with an end-to-end perspective ranging from structuring, compliance and litigation.

Individual tax

Deloitte’s department for Global Mobility, Global Employer Services (GES) offers individual income tax return assistance, including application of tax treaties and management of double taxation. Furthermore, we assist employers with international payroll, advising and practical application of net to gross calculations, advising regarding various compensations models, preparing employment contracts, advising regarding pension and insurance, analyzing tax consequences in different countries with respect to incentive programs (for instance stock options) and advising to ensure that correct social security contributions are paid in the right country.


In a globalized digital world characterized by fast moving markets, changing business models and the increasing prevalence of VAT/GST keeping pace can be a challenge. But indirect tax processes and reporting that fail to keep up risk non-compliance and adverse impacts on cash-flow, the amount of tax due and penalties from tax authorities.

Deloitte's global network of VAT/GST and industry focused specialists help businesses manage their indirect taxes effectively by providing tax technical support, guidance on effective processes implementation, and leveraging technology solutions. Working together, we help clients manage costs and risks both locally and globally.

Our core services include:

Global Trade advisory

Deloitte's Global Trade Advisory specialists can help businesses establish an international business strategy designed to manage costs and global trade regulatory requirements while leveraging innovative technology solutions. Global trade is a multi-faceted area that requires a high degree of pragmatic support.  Deloitte advises businesses on both fiscal and non-fiscal regulations duties and taxes, as well as penalties and consequences related to non-compliance.

Transfer Pricing

All multinational groups that are engaged in transactions of e.g. goods, services or financial activities with affiliated companies are affected by transfer pricing rules. The essence of transfer pricing is that these transactions need to be priced in accordance with the arm’s length principle which basically says that transactions between affiliated companies should be priced as if the transactions were concluded between unrelated parties.

Deloitte’s transfer pricing team may provide support in all transfer pricing related questions e.g. reviewing or developing transfer pricing policies, documenting transfer pricing policies, analyzing the arm’s length nature of the intercompany prices, and intangible property relocations, among others. More information can be found here.

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