One-third of Scandinavian consumers change their mobile operators often and regularly look for better deals.

Even though most mobile users in Scandinavia tend to stick with their current operator, one-third (34%) have changed operator within the past three years. In general, one in four (27%) tend to look for better deals, especially 18- to 24-year olds (41%). Most of them would switch operator if they found a deal better suited to their needs.

Five hotspots in the telecom industry

  1. One-third (34%) of Scandinavians changed their mobile operator during 2019-2021.
  2. One-quarter (27%) tend to look for better deals with other mobile operators, more so men (31%) than women (24%).
  3. The tendency to look for better deals and the willingness to switch operators decreases with age. Only one in ten (8%) of 65- to 75-year olds look for better deals compared to one in five (21%) among 18- to 24-year olds.
  4. One-fifth (18%) of Scandinavians have never changed their mobile operator.
  5. The percentage of citizens who have never changed their mobile operator is higher in Sweden (21%) than in Denmark (14%) and Norway (16%).

Deloitte view

A significant percentage of Scandinavian mobile subscribers regularly change mobile operators, and almost one-third (27%) look for better deals. This indicates that mobile operators need to focus on retaining their existing customer base.

“Mobile operators should ask themselves: How can we make it more appealing to our existing customers to stay with us? This reflection and associated actions might help prevent customers from moving to another operator as soon as a better deal comes up.”

Frederik Behnk, Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications in Denmark

Focus on the younger generations

The inclination to change mobile operators decreases with age, and younger people are those most willing to do so. Mobile operators must view this willingness as a threat or a golden opportunity to focus more on retaining their young customers. This requires that they get insights into the younger generations’ needs and demands.

If the mobile operators figure out how to hold on to their younger customers, they will most likely experience that their customers’ willingness to change operators will fade over time. This should benefit mobile operators and help to create life-long relationships with their customers.


Frederik Behnk

Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications in Denmark

+45 30 93 44 26

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