Digital Consumer Trends 2020

The Nordic cut


Welcome to the Nordic Cut of Deloitte’s 2020 Digital Consumer Trends (previously known as the Global Mobile Consumer Survey), a multi-country survey of digital service users in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The 2020 study comprises 5000 respondents across the Nordics.

This year marks 10 years of Deloitte releasing these insights. With a decade of research under our belt, we thought it fitting to rebrand the survey in line with today’s trends. With consumers having access to a plethora of devices and no longer limited to just mobile phones, Digital Consumer Trends seems like a more fitting title for the survey – we hope you agree.

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We hope that you find the insights interesting.

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Jonas Malmlund

Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications in Sweden and in the Nordics

Joachim Gullaksen

Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications in Norway

Frederik Behnk

Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications in Denmark

Jukka-Petteri Suortti

Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications in Finland

About this research

The Nordic data cut is part of Deloitte’s Digital Consumer Trends survey, a multi-country survey of digital service users around the world. The 2020 study comprises 36,150 respondents across 23 countries and five continents.

Data cited in this report are based on a nationally representative sample of consumers aged 18-75 in Sweden (2000), Norway (1000), Denmark (1000) and Finland (1000). The sample follows a country specific quota on age, gender, region and working status. Fieldwork took place during June and July 2020 and was carried out online by Ipsos MORI, an independent research firm, based on a question set provided by Deloitte.

This brief report provides a snapshot of some of the insights that the survey has revealed. Additional analyses such as: use of smartphone brands, current network operator, ownership of IoT devices, and data privacy are available upon request.

Results for other countries are also available on request.