Audit Partner Ghamazy Rashid found the loves of his life at Deloitte

D.cisions magazine - Issue 7

People: Ghamazy Rashid, Audit Partner

Deloitte Audit Partner Ghamazy Rashid has been hooked to the world of racing since 2011. Since then, the race enthusiast makes bi-annual visits to the Sepang F1 Track in Malaysia to unwind from his busy schedule.

Being on the race track provides Ghamazy with more than a source of weekend thrills.

“I live for moments on the race track – the speed, adrenaline, and focus. It is my to-go activity for stress relief. Off-track, I apply the same unwavering focus and dedication to my work and it helps me get through a busy day,” Ghamazy enthused.

Besides speed and focus, Ghamazy attributes his career success and attaining work-life balance to making the right choices.

“I learnt that it is all about making choices. You can’t do everything you want in life. Something has got to give. But spending quality time on what you can do, is key.” Ghamazy revealed.

Ghamazy was made partner just recently in 2016. “Being selected as a partner candidate was in itself already a great moment, regardless of the outcome, as it reflects the partnership’s recognition of one’s abilities.” recalled Ghamazy.

Back in his university days, Ghamazy was drawn to Audit after hearing about the accomplishments of his seniors who have joined Audit firms. He shared that starting out as an auditor gives you a strong foundation for a career in business because it trains you to think commercially and provides you with opportunities to work with companies of different sizes and diverse sectors. The experience is invaluable and the people that you meet goes beyond colleagues from Audit to include experts from Tax and Valuation.

"It took me a while before I decided my career path and found what I love to do. The key is to enrich yourself with different experiences throughout your career,” shared Ghamazy.

What he likes most about Deloitte is the people whom he works with as well as the open, respectful and collaborative culture in the firm. While one of the best parts of his job is being able to learn something new every day, the best thing about working at Deloitte is that he met his wife there. His favourite Deloitte event has always been Kidz@Deloitte, a day where staff get the chance to bring their children to office for a fun-filled afternoon of activities. “I bring my boy to Deloitte so that he can see what ‘Papa’s second home’ looks like,” said Ghamazy.


My advice to undergraduates
  1. Enrich yourself with different experiences, especially in your earlier years.
  2. Stay focused but don’t lose sight of who you are – remember you are an individual with family, friends and you should have your own personal interests outside of work.
  3. Strengthen your people skills. In any job, you will have to work and get along with other people. Our clients engage you as a person to work with, not just based on your organisation or your department.
Q. What type of traits will help one excel in Audit?

Attitude. Common sense. Hard work. Personal reputation. People skills.

Race track enthusiast Ghamazy at Sepang
Ghamazy at our ACCA event 2014 during his ASC secondment
Ghamazy (right) at Rec Club AGM
Ghamazy's family
Ghamazy with his family during Hari Raya

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