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D.cisions magazine - Issue 7

People: Roy Ng, Jonathan Lin and Lan Ruixian, Accelerated Career Programme

The Deloitte Accelerated Career Programme (ACP) offers a special group of high-performing ex-interns or potential new hires the opportunity to fast track your careers and be ahead of your peers in terms of the starting position and salary when you join us. The programme allows you to fully immerse in the 6-months audit peaks (during your undergraduate final semester) and provides the opportunity to work with experienced Audit seniors, managers and Partners on engagements. Before the start of any engagement, you will go through a series of comprehensive training programmes taught by our experienced managers and senior managers. Upon successful completion, you will join us as an Audit Associate Year 2 after graduation.

Hear from our past batches of ACP participants, Audit Senior Associates Roy Ng, Jonathan Lin and Lan Ruixian, about how they have benefited from ACP and why you should take it up.

Q. What made you decide to take up the ACP?

Roy Ng: Knowing that I would be back to better and more fun times with my fellow Deloitte colleagues I have worked with, made me want to join the ACP. Furthermore, I felt that I would be able to gain valuable understanding of my Accounting major through this programme and understand how my coursework prepared me for my career.

Jonathan Lin: I wanted to experience working in a Big Four Accountancy firm to consolidate what I have learnt in school and to be exposed to client work in as many industries as possible. Not many fresh university graduates get to meet CEOs and CFOs on a regular basis! The ACP accelerates my progress and puts me ahead of my peers, not only in terms of position, but also in experience and opportunities.

Lan Ruixian: I knew quite early in my life that I wanted to start my career in Audit. As such, when I was offered the ACP during my summer internship with Deloitte, I jumped at the opportunity. It offered me a chance to kick start my career and to get an edge above my peers by saving time and be promoted to a senior one year ahead of my peers.

Q. What are some challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?

Roy Ng: The expectation of an ACP participant is not the same as an intern. The initial learning curve was tougher than expected. I had to learn to manage my time with my academic curriculum. However, due to the strong camaraderie within the team, I was able to tide through the initial steep learning curve.

Jonathan Lin: Some challenges encountered included bridging communications with management and the partners/managers, and juggling tight reporting deadlines. It is important to manage expectations, always be thinking out of the box to improve efficiency and always have an inquisitive mindset in challenging the status quo.

Lan Ruixian: The steep learning curve was definitely a challenge, especially when I returned full time as a secondyear Associate. The seniors and managers expect the same level of performance as most other second-year Associates and this can be quite challenging. Moreover, returning ACP Associates start work in January which is right in the middle of the Audit Peak Period. We were hence expected to hit the ground running. I had to be humble and acknowledge the lesser amount of experience that I had compared to other second year Associates. I also had to manage the expectations of managers and communicate with other engagement team members regarding what I could or could not manage. I am thankful that the managers and seniors I had worked with were encouraging and tried their best to accommodate me. Fellow second-years also helped to fill in the gaps in my experience as well.

Q. How has the ACP benefited you?

Roy Ng: The ACP provided me an early head start, relative to my peers. More importantly, the ACP further sharpened my interpersonal skills (teamwork, communication and leadership skills) as I had to interact with people on a professional level and in a way that you would never experience in the classroom.

Jonathan Lin: The steep learning curve under the ACP allowed me to push my limits and widen my technical knowledge quickly. I was always given opportunities to work on engagements from different industries and undertake different responsibilities.

Lan Ruixian: I managed to save one year and was successfully promoted to an Audit Senior. I feel that the intangible benefits outweigh the tangible benefits of an accelerated career. Firstly, I learnt to pick up things quickly. The 5-month internship before graduation forced me to learn on the job. Returning after graduation, I was staffed on a public listed company with a tight reporting dateline. These scenarios forced me to think on my feet and respond accordingly.

Secondly, the steep learning curve built in me a tenacity that can be applied to other parts of my life The tight datelines can be overwhelming and there were many times I felt like giving up. However, I pressed on and managed to come out the other side.

Q. What is your secret to success?

Roy Ng: Mahatma Gandhi once said; “A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes”. Think positively, have strong perseverance and the desire to learn new things is my secret to success.

Jonathan Lin: Do it once; do it good!

Lan Ruixian: An African proverb goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I have my peers, seniors, managers, and partners to thank for where I am today. The guidance that they have provided is invaluable, and I dare say that I would not be where I am today without them. I am really appreciative of the mentors whom I have met, who have helped me grow in my professional life. As such, I think a more appropriate question to ask is “Who is my secret to success?”

Q. How did Deloitte support you during the ACP?

Roy Ng: The senior managers and partners whom I have worked with are accommodating and understanding, which allowed a two-way communication when I needed someone to chat with.

Jonathan Lin: I was given the necessary training and under the guidance of my managers and partners, I picked up the required skills to fulfill my role as a senior within half the time of what normal associates would take.

Lan Ruixian: All the ACP Associates will go through the partner shadow program, where we would shadow an Audit Partner for a portion of a day. I gained valuable insights of what would be required of me at the later stages of my career and he shared with me his experience and his vision for Audit in the future. I was truly inspired by the interactions that I had with my mentor partner.

Q. Do you recommend the ACP?

Roy Ng: Yes! Besides the early head-start in the career and the opportunity to sharpen skills and gain practical experience, the friendships forged through the programme, as well as the fun working environment and enjoyable times with my colleagues are what you will come to truly treasure.

Jonathan Lin: I recommend the ACP to anyone who doesn’t shy away from challenges and has an attitude of ‘bring it on!’

Lan Ruixian: I would definitely recommend the ACP to current students who want to start their career in Audit. The ACP is challenging but you get a great sense of satisfaction when you complete two peak periods within 12 months.

Roy Ng
Roy Ng
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Jonathan Lin
Jonathan Lin
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Lan Ruixin

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