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Decisions magazine - Issue 13


Ang Ke Qin, a consultant at Deloitte Digital shares with us her recent volunteering journey with Deloitte.

Tell us about your recent volunteer trip to Myanmar

In March 2019, together with 17 other Deloitte professionals across Southeast Asia (SEA), I participated in a week-long intensive programme provided to vulnerable young people in Myanmar. This programme is aligned to our Deloitte WorldClass ambition, and was delivered in partnership with Y Care International and YMCA Myanmar.

Through this programme, our aim was to empower over 90 youth beneficiaries in Maubin, Myanmar, with business knowledge, concepts and skills, ranging from entrepreneurship, finance, to marketing, in hope to get them out of poverty and secure a sustainable livelihood.

What motivated you to sign up for this programme?

My mentor once told me that “to give is a blessing in itself”. Serving others has made my life more meaningful and purposeful. As a privileged individual who has access to world-class education, career opportunities and financial support, I believe it is only right to give back to the society, with my knowledge and time.

What is your key takeaway from this programme?

As a team, we gave our all during the sessions – we shared our knowledge, experiences and world views, and the beneficiaries inspired us with their passion to learn and eagerness for change. I realised that when it comes

to making an impact, sometimes it is not about making that one huge impact, but creating small, memorable touch points in the pockets of time we choose to give to the ones in need and the meaningful connections we create that may last a lifetime.

What advice would you give to others who are considering to join this programme in future?

Go for it! Be the door that opens up the world to them.


WorldClass is an organisation-wide initiative that aligns Deloitte’s local efforts around a global ambition. Through WorldClass, we are applying our core skills, experience, and global reach to empower more people through education, skills development, and access to opportunity.

We are committing our most valued asset—our more than 290,000 professionals in firms around the

globe—to creating opportunities for those left behind. By collaborating with businesses, government, and educators, together we can transform learning and enable individuals to access the skills they really need to meet future job demands.

Through WorldClass we will prepare 50 million futures for a world of opportunity and 2 million futures for Southeast Asia. We will make an impact that matters. In line with the timeframe for achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are committed to reaching this target by 2030.

Decision Magazine Issue 13

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