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D.cisions magazine - Issue 7

People: Jelaine Yong, Deloitte Student Ambassador

Deloitte Student Ambassador from NTU and Summer Intern 2015 Jelaine Yong shared her internship experience and her secrets to success.

NTU and Summer Intern 2015

I joined Deloitte as an audit intern in 2015. It was a challenging experience as I did not take any audit (or accounting) modules at that time. With the help of my mentors and seniors, who were always ready to share knowledge, I handled tasks that were usually done by full-time associates. Being in Audit offers me variety in my work, which I really like. I get to engage with different companies and learn about their business models and the types of accounting systems. During the actual analysis, I would use my newfound knowledge to explain any variance, and complete the testing. Even though it was only a short 6 weeks internship with Deloitte, I was able to hone my analytical skills and stretch my potential. There was always something new to learn every day!

After my internship, I was presented the opportunity to be a Deloitte Student Ambassador and I jumped on it! I was eager to share my Deloitte experiences with my peers and stay connected with Deloitte as I treasured the warm and friendly work environment.

I’m now back to being an audit intern, this time under the Deloitte Accelerated Career Programme (ACP). I joined the ACP because I felt that the programme was designed to equip its participants with the pre-requisite skills and knowledge to be independent and proficient in their job. While my Deloitte colleagues have always been supportive and willing to offer guidance, I am looking forward to the day when I can complete requested work with my own capabilities, and be in a position to mentor others. I am looking forward to the new challenges that would come my way. 



If you have any queries regarding Deloitte and my experiences, please feel free to contact me at!

Here are my secrets of success:

#1. Plan your time well and give your 110%.
#2. Enjoy the process of learning.
#3. Even if you make mistakes, tell yourself it is okay and move forward and always be keen to learn!

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