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Decisions magazine – Issue 13

Are you interested in working overseas and travelling around the world? With a global network of member firms in more than 150 countries, borders don’t exist at Deloitte. Our people participate in a variety of mobility programmes every year that help to accelerate their professional and personal growth, as well as advance their career. One such programme is the Global Mobility Programme (GMP).

At present, we have GMP participants seconded to countries across the globe, and we asked some of them to share with us their fulfilling international experiences and fond memories.

The GMP has been an exciting and fun experience so far. I have been able to work alongside audit professionals of diverse backgrounds, exchanging ideas with them through various initiatives and programmes, which have helped me broaden my horizons on both a professional and personal level. I’ve also had various opportunities to network and hang out with people from different countries and make new friends in the process.

- Yono Pranata (second from right) at Deloitte Australia’s Impact Day 2018 in Melbourne (Deloitte Audit & Assurance Manager and current GMP secondee to Melbourne)

It has been an enriching and eye-opening experience. Staying abroad for an extended period of time has allowed me to discover more things about myself, and I have become more independent and confident in the process. I also have the opportunity to learn how my colleagues perform audit in their country, as well as explore new and innovative audit tools that they used. The GMP has truly expanded my knowledge and I am able to see things from a different perspective. In addition, I have forged precious friendships from the programme.

- Chew Zi Loong (first from right) with Russian secondees in Tahoe (Deloitte Audit & Assurance Manager and current GMP secondee to San Jose)

Embarking on the GMP has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and it has opened up opportunities for me to develop new skills, and gain new experiences and friendships. I have also travelled to different parts of Australia as part of my secondment. For instance, I was involved in a stock-take assignment in the country-side in South Australia where I stayed in a unique old jail accommodation for two nights. Working abroad can certainly help in one’s professional and personal development, and once you know your way around the international job market, the world is your oyster.

- Oh Hong Guan (left) seen here with his Australian colleagues after an audit stock-take (Deloitte Audit & Assurance Manager and current GMP secondee to Sydney)

The best takeaway so far has been the positive work experience that I have gained in the new industries as well as an increased exposure to new audit regulations. Through the GMP, I am able to pick up new technical knowledge and learn to appreciate a different working culture, which has helped me improve my cross-cultural communications and relationship building skills to facilitate my career progression.

- Brendon Quek (first from right) with his French colleagues after a Head Office Reporting session (Deloitte Audit & Assurance Assistant Manager and current GMP secondee to Paris)

With Deloitte offices in over 150 countries, including 25 offices located in Southeast Asia, Deloitte opens doors for our people by providing global mobility opportunities to gain international exposure and expand their global network. As the largest professional services organisation in the world, our unrivalled mobility programmes, including the Global Mobility Programme (GMP), Southeast Asia Audit Mobility (SAM) Programme, provide our people where the perfect opportunity to grow professionally and personally. Our people get to be seconded to places such as Europe, USA & the APAC region. 

Decision Magazine Issue 13

In issue 13, Czech out our Deloitte Singapore football teams – they competed in the 16th inter-Deloitte football tournament in Prague! Hear from Deloitte Clients & Markets Manager Steffi Goh about her once-in-a lifetime experience pursuing her MBA at the University of Oxford! Also, our interns give advice on how you can excel in your internship, and our newly promoted partners share pearls of wisdom on how you can rise to the top. Are you interested in working overseas and travelling around the world? Discover the international experiences and fond memories gathered by our Global Mobility Programme participants who are currently seconded to Paris, San Jose, Sydney and Melbourne. Lastly, explore some of our useful tips on how to dress to make an impact and succeed in your job interviews!

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