What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is the courageous act of revealing illegal, unethical, or improper activities within an organisation. A whistleblower, driven by a commitment to transparency, discloses information that exposes fraud, safety violations, discrimination, or other forms of misconduct.

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Deloitte champions transparency and accountability in modern organisations, recognising whistleblowing's pivotal role in upholding ethical standards. Our commitment to fostering trust and integrity is evident in Conduct Watch, our independent digital whistleblowing solution. Accelerating the identification, response, resolution, and reporting of fraud and misconduct, Conduct Watch offers a secure platform with multiple reporting channels. Trusted by over 350 organisations, it seamlessly operates across geographies, languages, and devices, prioritising transparency, accountability, and organisational integrity.



Significance of an efficient whistleblowing system

The following key insights are drawn from the 2022 Report to the Nations, a biennial release by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). This comprehensive research offers valuable insights into the costs, methods, perpetrators, and outcomes of occupational fraud schemes. It analyses over 2,000 real cases of fraud impacting organisations across 133 countries and 23 industries, providing a robust understanding of the landscape.

  • Organisations lose 5% of revenue annually to fraud, with twice as high losses in those lacking whistleblowing programs.
  • Whistleblower reports uncover 42% of identified cases, surpassing internal audits (16%) and management reviews (12%).
  • Corruption is the predominant scheme globally, with half of the identified cases exposed through whistleblowers.
  • Whistleblowing hotlines enhance detection, with 47% of cases reported via hotlines compared to 31% without.
  • Organisations without hotlines are 3.5x more likely to discover fraud through external audits and 2x more likely by accident.
  • Over half of whistleblower tips come from employees, while nearly one-third originate from external parties.
  • Organisations with hotlines experience 50% smaller losses, highlighting the efficacy of this reporting mechanism.

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Why independence matters

Learn why independence is a key factor in choosing a whistleblowing solution. Explore how Deloitte ensures a fair and unbiased approach, strengthening the credibility of the whistleblowing process.

Aspect Internal Independent
Confidentiality and anonymity May be challenging to guarantee complete anonymity. Provides a more secure environment for whistleblowers.
Objective investigation Internal biases may affect objectivity. Offers impartiality and independence in investigations.
Trust and credibility Internal processes may be perceived as biased. Enhances trust through an independent third party.
Global compliance Challenges in navigating diverse global compliance. Well-equipped to handle complex global legal frameworks.
Resource allocation Diverts resources from other critical functions. External providers may be more cost-effective.
Global reach May struggle with consistency across jurisdictions. Ensures standardised reporting in diverse contexts.
Independence and objectivity Limited independence, influenced by internal factors. Provides an additional layer of impartiality.
Specialised expertise Relies on internal expertise and may lack specialisation. Brings professional skills in whistleblowing processes.

Why work with us

Uncover the unique advantages of choosing Conduct Watch. Our commitment to independence, user-friendly interfaces, and unparalleled support make us the preferred choice for organisations serious about ethical governance.
Imagine an external team exclusively dedicated to managing reports of workplace misconduct. They remain impartial, protect your identity, and possess expertise in handling such situations. This outsourced reporting system offers a secure and effective means for the organisations to address issues, build trust, and safeguard its reputation.
With over two decades of experience servicing 350+ clients, our organisations brings proven expertise and adaptability. This extensive track record ensures reliability, stability, and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, delivering valuable solutions for organisations seeking effectiveness.
Customising branding, messaging, and language ensures seamless alignment with your internal communication strategy. This not only enhances brand integrity but also bolsters communication effectiveness, nurturing a unified organisationsal identity tailored to your unique language preferences.
Providing whistleblowers the choice to report anonymously or by name underscores dedication to identity protection, fostering a secure reporting environment. This flexibility encourages more individuals to come forward, promoting trust, accountability, and the early detection of misconduct. Additionally, Conduct Watch enables organisations to interact with whistleblowers, regardless of anonymity, for more information or case updates.
Accessible 24/7, our whistleblowing channels cater to individuals across different time zones, promoting a proactive stance in addressing misconduct. This convenience enhances the organisations's capacity to promptly detect and address issues, reinforcing a commitment to transparency and accountability.

See how Conduct Watch accelerates your ability to deal with fraud and compliance matters.

2024 Conduct Watch Survey

Make your voice heard in our 2024 Conduct Watch Survey, open NOW. Join us as we take a stand for transparency within organisations and our society by sharing your thoughts and experiences on the current whistleblowing landscape. Through the survey and subsequent report, we aim to reshape the future of trust at work by understanding current organisational attitudes and capabilities towards whistleblowing.

Last year, we found that detecting fraud and other misconduct remains a key purpose for having a whistleblowing program and organisations operating in the Asia Pacific region are also recognising the value of whistleblowing in fostering a culture of integrity and accountability. Read the 2023 Conduct Watch Survey report here.
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