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These brochures will provide information on Singapore’s tax policies and regulations as well as information on our services.

SEA Capital Allowances Study

Capital allowances is essentially the means by which a business writes off its qualifying capital expenditure against its taxable business profits. Known as tax depreciation in some jurisdictions, it is an allowance or deduction given by tax authorities to the taxpayers as an important element in computing their income tax liabilities. In addition to this, many jurisdictions offer accelerated, special, and valuable reliefs available for certain types of components in a building (e.g., energy saving and green components).

Capital Allowances Study

Undertaking capital allowances study on property construction related activities and second hand building purchases can be a relatively complex task. Our team works hard in ensuring that our clients do not miss out on the opportunity to enhance the claim, from identifying the entitlement through to delivering the tax benefits.

Global Trade Bureau

As part of the Global Trade Advisory market offering under Deloitte Singapore, Global Trade Bureau is a comprehensive suite of trade compliance services designed to help businesses navigate the complexities of global trade—including Customs Brokerage, Trade Compliance Advisory, Technology Integration and Free Trade Agreement Optimisation.

Singapore Financial Services Tax

Our Financial Services Tax advisory and compliance practice in Singapore is a growing practice with an emphasis on technical excellence, delivery, and reliability. Our commitment is to bring a practical and commercial perspective to all our work.

Our specialisation ranges from general tax advisory and compliance (including global information reporting and transfer pricing documentation) to fund structuring, advising on private equity and real estate deals, financing transactions and global securities, and operational taxes. The team has a particular focus on complex advisory, transactions and tax controversies.

Singapore Financial Services Tax team

We have a market-leading and cross-disciplinary team composition. Our team includes accountants, and lawyers; with tax authority and in-house experience as well as experience with working in other locations (including Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom). In an increasingly complex tax landscape, we believe we have the right team to assist clients through the most complex issues.

Finance and accounting solutions

With increasing regulations and remote working flexibility,
companies face greater complexity navigating the compliance reporting
requirements and providing the necessary support to their global employee

Our unique approach assists businesses to free up your resources by allowing us to handle the processes and statutory compliance, through a flexible mix of in-house and external resources as well as automating processes for better efficiency.

Customs investigation and audit

Today, many companies' internal customs and trade compliance resources are limited. The responsibility and liability for the trade compliance role may reside outside of the territory where a customs audit or investigation is taking place. Companies who are not equipped with the right resources including having trained and qualified personnel in customs investigation and audit are vulnerable. It is essential to implement internal controls and quality assurance procedures. However, internal controls without monitoring and following up render these useless.

Guide to Taxation in Southeast Asia 2021

In this third edition of the Guide to Taxation in Southeast Asia 2021, Deloitte has updated and summarised the basic investment and taxation information for all ten countries within the ASEAN region. It also provides a directory of Deloitte SEA Chinese Services Group (CSG) tax leaders.

Contract Personnel

Global human capital trends over the years have shown workforce capability consistently rated as one of the most important challenges companies face. Most of the Singaporean employers are looking to sustain their current employment headcount. As the economy slowly reopens, hiring during this period to grow and sustain the business could be a challenge. Read more to find out how can Deloitte assist companies to overcome these challenging times.

Global Investment and Innovation Incentives 

Identifying, understanding, and prioritising the right incentives for your organisation can be a time-consuming and challenging undertaking—but it’s also one that can generate significant benefits.

Deloitte connects you to Global Investment & Innovation Incentives (Gi3) practitioners who are ready to provide support around the world. Our world-class capabilities help you pursue the right incentives by developing and executing an effective incentives strategy for your needs.

Fund management in Singapore

This document summarises the key features of the different licensing requirements and restrictions on business operations for fund management companies in Singapore, along with details on the specific tax incentives schemes for funds managed by Singapore-based fund managers.

Business Process Solutions – Enhance your business performance and efficiency

Deloitte’s BPS provides extensive experience and resources through the combined service delivery of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Outsourcing Services and Company Secretarial Services. Our practitioners adopt these services to assist clients to attain significant process improvements at lower cost and risk that suit their specific needs.

Singapore Highlights 2021

A summary of the Tax policies and regulations in Singapore.

Applying for Singapore Government's incentives (Chinese-English bilingual version)

Despite having one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, Singapore still offers a wide range of investment incentives for investors including tax holidays and concessions, accelerated depreciation schemes, grants and favourable loan conditions to attract substantive investments. The tax incentives and grants offered in Singapore are generally in the form of exemption from tax, reduction in the rate of tax or subsidies, and are available to a broad spectrum of industries. Learn about some of the tax incentives and grants available to companies in Singapore.

Research and Development (R&D) tax measures in Singapore 

An attractive 250% tax deduction for local R&D, to help you along your innovation journey.

Deloitte Southeast Asia: Serving your needs across borders

As trade borders dissolve and the world globalises, Deloitte member firms' clients are demanding consistent and high quality service across borders. Learn how the formation of Deloitte Southeast Asia is one way this level of service can be delivered in the current environment.

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