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Singapore tax publications

Providing insight on the latest tax happenings

Singapore tax alerts

The following tax alerts provide insight on the latest tax happenings in Singapore and around the region.

Business tax alerts
Providing the latest news and updates for your business.

Business Process Solutions (BPS) alerts
For practical information on relevant updates impacting accounting, bookkeeping and payroll, and corporate secretarial services.

Global Trade Advisory alerts
Practical information on the latest issues for companies operating in Southeast Asia.

Indirect tax alerts
News and updates addressing the latest indirect tax issues in Singapore.

Transfer pricing alerts
For the latest Singapore transfer pricing developments.

Global Employer Services (GES) alerts
GES NewsFlash – delivering Singapore tax and legislative alerts for tax and international HR professionals.

Deloitte Singapore Korean Services Group publication
Monthly newsletter covering the latest tax updates


These brochures will provide information on Singapore’s tax policies and regulations as well as information on our services.

Guide to Taxation in Southeast Asia 2021
In this third edition of the Guide to Taxation in Southeast Asia 2021, Deloitte has updated and summarised the basic investment and taxation information for all ten countries within the ASEAN region. It also provides a directory of Deloitte SEA Chinese Services Group (CSG) tax leaders.

Contract Personnel
Global human capital trends over the years have shown workforce capability consistently rated as one of the most important challenges companies face. Most of the Singaporean employers are looking to sustain their current employment headcount. As the economy slowly reopens, hiring during this period to grow and sustain the business could be a challenge. Read more to find out how can Deloitte assist companies to overcome these challenging times.

Global Investment and Innovation Incentives
Identifying, understanding, and prioritising the right incentives for your organisation can be a time-consuming and challenging undertaking—but it’s also one that can generate significant benefits.

Deloitte connects you to Global Investment & Innovation Incentives (Gi3) practitioners who are ready to provide support around the world. Our world-class capabilities help you pursue the right incentives by developing and executing an effective incentives strategy for your needs.base

Fund management in Singapore
This document summarises the key features of the different licensing requirements and restrictions on business operations for fund management companies in Singapore, along with details on the specific tax incentives schemes for funds managed by Singapore-based fund managers.

Business Process Solutions – Enhance your business performance and efficiency
Deloitte’s BPS provides extensive experience and resources through the combined service delivery of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Outsourcing Services and Company Secretarial Services. Our practitioners adopt these services to assist clients to attain significant process improvements at lower cost and risk that suit their specific needs.

Singapore Highlights 2021
A summary of the Tax policies and regulations in Singapore.

Applying for Singapore Government’s incentives
Despite having one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world, Singapore still offers a wide range of investment incentives for investors including tax holidays and concessions, accelerated depreciation schemes, grants and favourable loan conditions to attract substantive investments. The tax incentives and grants offered in Singapore are generally in the form of exemption from tax, reduction in the rate of tax or subsidies, and are available to a broad spectrum of industries. Learn about some of the tax incentives and grants available to companies in Singapore.

Research and Development (R&D) tax measures in Singapore
An attractive 250% tax deduction for local R&D, to help you along your innovation journey.

Deloitte Southeast Asia: Serving your needs across borders
As trade borders dissolve and the world globalises, Deloitte member firms' clients are demanding consistent and high quality service across borders. Learn how the formation of Deloitte Southeast Asia is one way this level of service can be delivered in the current environment.

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