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Life Sciences companies continue to respond to a changing global landscape, and strive to pursue innovative solutions to address today's challenges. The Deloitte network understands the complexity of these challenges, and works with clients worldwide to drive progress and bring discoveries to life.

It is becoming increasingly evident that the global life sciences sector is operating in an era of significant transformation. A dynamically changing clinical, regulatory, and business landscape is challenging companies to rethink their approaches to Research & Development, pricing, supply chain and business and commercial models. Deloitte’s life sciences specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to help companies adapt in an era of transformation.

Enterprise technology

There is high demand for technology-based systems, support, and services that help Biopharma, Generics, and Medtech companies gain insight into information across the Life Sciences value chain. To support their stakeholders, technology organizations need to act strategically, quickly, responsibly, and effectively, while operating within the confines of schedule, budget, and risk mitigation.

Commercial operations

Life Sciences companies face a litany of challenges—shrinking pipelines, loss of exclusivity of existing assets, waning effectiveness of traditional commercial engines, and increased regulatory scrutiny—that are forcing them to rethink their traditional go-to-market approach.

Finance operations

Finance organizations will play an increasingly critical role as Life Sciences companies strive to convert great discoveries and research breakthroughs into public acceptance, market share, and revenue growth.

Product & supply operations

The expanding and transforming Life Sciences industry is putting new pressure on companies’ manufacturing and supply chain organizations to simultaneously improve the quality of products, increase the speed of delivery, and lower costs.

Research & Development

The pressures of ever-looming patent cliffs and demands for less expensive drugs and medical devices are making product innovation an imperative for Life Sciences companies. While the rewards may be considerable, potential hurdles to Research & Development can stymie Life Sciences companies in their efforts to use disruptive innovation to maintain or grow market share.


Market dynamics are requiring new levels of rigor and insight in business strategy development and problem-solving, both domestically and globally, for Life Sciences companies.

Merger & acquisitions

Pressure to meet growth expectations, along with internal pipeline and development challenges, are placing added emphasis on M&A activity for Life Sciences companies. The traditional approach, however, has evolved in the face of a changing landscape. Today’s organizations will need to develop robust M&A capabilities to address new challenges and opportunities.

Talent & HR operations

In today’s climate of mounting cost and pricing pressures, increasing restructuring and M&A transaction activity, and growing imperatives for talent acquisition and management, Life Sciences organizations are being challenged to effectively manage their human capital needs.

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