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Deloitte Greenhouse

Virtual tours of locations around the world

Visit some of Deloitte's Greenhouse locations online, and learn more about how these spaces help organizations tackle complex problems.

Deloitte Canada

When you step into the Montreal Greenhouse, you step away from the standard flat meetings, mind-numbing presentations and stale status-quo thinking. Instead, you step into a custom designed experience to help you dig into complex issues.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in Montreal.

Deloitte Greenhouse Montreal

Deloitte France

Deloitte Greenhouse: Where ideas are born free. The research-based science behind the Greenhouse facilities is designed to facilitate innovation.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in France.

deloitte france greenhouse

Deloitte Germany

In the heart of Berlin the Deloitte Greenhouse offers 700 sq. m innovative space with state of the art technology.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte’s Greenhouse in Germany.

Deloitte Italy

In the center of the courtyard of our Milan office, the Deloitte Italy Greenhouse represents the transparency and centrality of innovation and design thinking. Once you step into our kitchen, the Italian design and the best-of-breed technologies will stimulate all your senses. The Greenhouse is an innovative environment (80% has been built with recycled materials) that changes the way Deloitte Italy clients, employees, and startups solve business challenges. By taking participants outside of their everyday environments, Greenhouse sessions disrupt conventional thinking, spur creativity, bring about new perspectives, and lead to tangible solutions.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in Italy.

Deloitte Netherlands


In the most sustainable (BREAAM certified score of 98,36%) and innovative (over 20.000 sensors) building in the world, our Greenhouse floor offers a unique, fully wireless experience for clients and visitors. The hi-res 4K touch screens allow clients to gain insights on their products and organizations, based on real time data. Also, a dedicated LAB space offers a fully flexible room set-up to match the clients need.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in Amsterdam.


Centrally located in the Netherlands, the Greenhouse in Utrecht offers a diversity of rooms and setups to facilitate innovation related workshops, creativity sessions or even – if needed – the more traditional meeting. Combined with the latest AV technology that connects all the rooms to each other, everyone is connected to each other in the space, which delivers an unique experience.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in Utrecht.

Deloitte's Greenhouse in the Netherlands

Deloitte Singapore

The Deloitte Greenhouse in Singapore helps executive teams strategize, innovate, learn, and overcome business challenges. Immersive day-long sessions combine expert facilitation, design thinking, and analytics in a consciously-designed environment to accelerate breakthroughs.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in Singapore.

deloitte singapore greenhouse

Deloitte U.S.


Step into a Deloitte Greenhouse, and find yourself in a place built upon principles from design thinking, behavioral economics, group dynamics, and innovation theory, with professional facilitation to help people make meaningful headway on tough issues.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in Chicago.

New York

Learn more about the immersive lab experiences designed to break down barriers and accelerate meaningful results. We call these experiences Labs because they promote experimentation in a controlled environment, guided by ambitious objectives.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in New York.

San Jose

Working together. The Greenhouses focus on educating professionals on their own working styles–and those of others–to help everyone achieve as much as possible.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in San Jose.

Washington, D.C.

One size does not fit all. That's why Deloitte's Greenhouse tailors each experience to address your organization's unique challenges through thoughtfully designed labs.

Take a virtual tour of Deloitte's Greenhouse in Washington, D.C.

deloitte us greenhouse

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