Hybrid work

Home office or work from the office? The solution is “hybrid work”.

We all want to get back to normal. But how do we achieve it? What does “back to normal” mean to you? Every organisation, team and employee has their own needs, which require a specific approach. The application of certain aspects of virtual work can increase productivity and performance while reducing costs. However, it is also necessary to consider how to neutralize the negative aspects of work from home, namely isolation, frustration and loneliness, and how to promote employee engagement and motivation. Only by carefully analysing the needs and specific culture of an organisation can we determine what “new normal” will be suitable for your company.

A number of studies confirm that the future of work lies in a hybrid setup. Nevertheless, achieving this may pose a bigger challenge than might be initially thought. When dividing work into work from home and work from the office, in addition to the above, legislative aspects and the related requirements must also be taken into account. These may include amendments to employment contracts and employment documentation, and changes to remuneration policy and compensation for employees. Appropriate documentation and timely preparation will help you avoid uncertainties and questions from tax and other supervisory authorities. 

In addition, digitisation and related security, office space modifications, rental and purchase of new or the sale of old premises should also be considered.
All these and many other aspects of hybrid work and operating in the "new normal" will require a precise analysis by companies of the existing situation and the arrangement of their future operations that will enable them to achieve progress in the current situation and environment and avoid the stagnation and staff turnover faced by many companies.

Pomôžeme Vám nastaviť budúce fungovanie práce.

Organisational and HR aspects

- We are conducting a survey of the current setup and effectiveness of teams in order to understand their priorities and weaknesses (remote scan). We compare survey results between teams within an organisation and across participating organisations.

- The results of the analysis will be supplemented with qualitative in-depth
interviews (focus groups).

- After analysing the results and drawing on our experience, we will create a customised “hybrid work manual” for each organisation, to serve as a guide for arranging work from home and work from the office.

 - We will define the method for developing an organisation’s culture in order to achieve the desired hybrid setting.

Tax aspects

- We will assist in preparing a detailed calculation of compensation based on staff costs due to work from home, and the categorisation of non-taxable costs.

- We will advise on the implementation of various remuneration systems related to work from home, eg arranging a home office, etc, and we will assess their tax treatment.

Legal aspects

- We will perform an analysis of your obligations in connection with working from home and a hybrid arrangement.

- We will assist you with the formal arrangement of operations from a legal point of view, including employment contract amendments and with the modification or development of employment policies, personal data protection policies, etc.

- We will advise you on setting up the digital aspects of operations combining work from home and from the office.

- We will assist you in renegotiations and any required amendments to lease agreements that may be affected by a hybrid setup.

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