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Advisory services for private businesses and their owners

Deloitte Private appreciates individuals who have achieved success through their own will and diligence. We also understand that private enterprise is closely connected to the family and its assets. We are here to support you and your family.

Private business owners have a different approach to business than large corporations. They are the founders of the business and are personally involved in the company's prosperity, often with other family members.

From our experience, protection and appreciation of assets is one of the main priority goals of a business owner. Your priority goal is our mission.

Deloitte Private is a team of specialized professionals that provide a wide range of tailored advisory services to private businesses and their owners. We take the business needs and long-term plans of the owner as well as family values into account.

Deloitte Private has been serving private business owners in Slovakia as well as in over 150 countries worldwide. We combine our global expertise with the personal approach of a trusted advisor.

Deloitte Private will help you not only with the following needs:

  • Do I have a succession plan in place?
  • Does the management take proper care of my company?
  • What is the value of my company and how can I increase it?
  • Am I prepared for unexpected events in my family?
  • Is it necessary to separate ownership from management of my company?
  • How should be business assets passed to my family members, and is it an efficient approach?
  • Are all of my business risks optimally treated?
  • Is it appropriate to make an acquisition?
  • Is my company prepared for a sale?
  • What is the best way to sell my company?
  • Am I optimally using business support from public sources?
  • Is all information necessary for running a business available to me?
  • Is the motivation and remuneration system set correctly in my company?
  • Can I optimise the overall tax burden level?
  • Are my assets sufficiently protected?
  • Are my children prepared to take over the company?
  • Is my company managed in an optimal manner?

Please let us know for further information.

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Ivana Lorencovičová

Ivana Lorencovičová

Cluster leader, Czech & Slovak Rep.

Ivana Lorencovičová is the Managing Partner of Deloitte Czech & Slovak Republic. She is also the WorldImpact Leader for Deloitte Central Europe promoting initiatives focused on creating a more sustain... More