Retail, Wholesale and Distribution

Along with the structural adjustment and slow down of economy in Global, retail industry has also started its times of evolution. Wages, logistics and all sorts of costs in the retailing industry remain high, resulting significant pressure on profitability. At the same time, e-commerce has quickly taken over the market share of traditional retail by offering lower prices, convenience payment, door-to-door delivery and other thoughtful services. In front of the unprecedented challenges, retailers have actively or passively adjusted their development modes, in order to survive, develop and even achieve sustainable success in the ever changing market environment.

Trends impacting the sector:

  • Growth in the online channel
  • Multigenerational (aging boomers, GEN Y) and multicultural demographic shifts
  • Proliferation of choices
  • Continuing tradeoff of goods for services

Challenged to grow the top line, retailers are focusing on:

  • Succession planning
  • Customer experience
  • Testing new concepts
  • Adding services to their offerings
  • Considering or going global


Jason Ke

Jason Ke

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Lilac Shue


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