Accelerating digital transformation in banking

Findings from the global consumer survey on digital banking

The Deloitte Center for Financial Services surveyed 17,100 banking consumers across 17 countries in May 2018 to measure the current state of banks’ digital engagement. We asked respondents how frequently they use different channels and services, with an eye on digital transactions. We also captured consumers’ expectations and perceptions of digital banking capabilities, and the likelihood of using additional digital banking services in the future.


The survey results support Deloitte’s belief that restructuring organizations around different stages of customer interaction will be the next frontier for digital banking. Specifically, this will require integrating digital services across five stages—adoption, consideration, application, onboarding, and servicing—to drive holistic engagement. We believe the results clearly show that banks need to expand their focus beyond increasing and enhancing digital service offerings to transform themselves into truly effective digital organizations.

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