CFO Services

Solving the challenges of today’s finance organizations

Today’s chief financial officers (CFOs) and finance organizations need to execute on a much broader range of responsibilities than existed in their traditional role as corporate accountant – including those related to finance function effectiveness, information quality and consistency, finance talent management, internal controls and corporate governance, business performance management and others.

Finance Transformation enables CFOs and finance executives to improve business performance and shareholder value while actively improving operational effectiveness and efficiency. We help CFOs and finance departments in their efforts to fulfill their evolving, expanded and increasingly complex roles.

We provide a comprehensive financial management solution, integrate the solution into management practices of our clients, deliver real value to our clients, and help the companies effectively address various challenges and difficulties arising from financial management so as to greatly enhance their financial management capability, effectively promote strategic implementation, performance and management improvement, therefore gaining positive reputation from a large number of clients

Our CFO Services:

  • Cost and Profit Management
  • Financial Closing & Consolidation Management
  • Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Management Report Design
  • Finance Function Diagnosis & Transformation
  • Corporation Diagnosis & Efficiency Improvement
  • EPM System Implementation
  • BI System Implementation

Strategy & Operations


Benson Cheng

Benson Cheng

Managing Partner

Benson is a Partner of Consulting services in Deloitte Taiwan. With more than 17 years of consulting experience, he has solid experiences in performance management, cost and profit management, finance... More